The lamprey

Lamprey or Hyperoartia in latin, are also known as aquatic vampires, perhaps may seem primitive animal by its appearance, and this is, is an animal that has just evolved, they resemble eels but these have a mouth in a circular full small teeth to pierce and hold on to their prey and suck blood. It also feeds on carrion.

His touch is wet and slippery, does not have scales like most fish and gelatinous flesh is like the eel. It has a dark colour



Usually live in salt water environment for 300-500 meters deep, while in freshwater we can find a very shallow depth.



They are born in fresh water, where they remain until reaching sexual maturity, around 4 years before moving to sea and spend most of his life infesting and feeding in life, and end up going back upstream to spawn in shallow water dying and finishing.



Although wild fish there are farms for breeding of this species, in free fishing mesh to divert the flow of water and cause the animal is forced to pass through the mesh and get caught is used.



It is a coveted animal in the culinary market, very popular in the northwest of the Spanish geography, where this animal is used for stews and can be lamprey and potatoes with paprika or famous Bordelesa Lamprey, or a pie lamprey his own blood.

Prices are usually around 20 - 25 € / Kg, is not it a just economic fish.