On or against, sterilization of a dog?

You've probably heard a legend running, many say that the Spanish military service bromide added to food for the recruits had very low libido and were much calmer. Dogs (talk at all times of males in this article), are guided by instinct and reason very little or nothing and at times can be the odd distaste for his behavior, especially with other males, hence the question we considered.

What animals should be sterilized?

The first answer to this question is definitely no animal should be sterilized by problems with their behavior, there is some problem dogs (although there are no problem dogs, badly behaved dogs enough ...)

Animals that surgical intervention is necessary (dogs with prostate problems, testicular problems, tumors ...)

What we get with sterilization?

We got the animal is calmer, not as aggressive and dominant, not 'tick' therefore decrease your sexual appetite, look no confrontation with other dogs.

Methods of sterilization in dogs


In orchiectomy what you do is completely remove the testicles of the animal, open up all the skin that contains the testes to bind and sever the vessels of the vas deferens of each testicle and then remove the testicles, once the intervention proceed to close with stitches the wound. This option is not reversible.


It is similar to orchiectomy, but here the testicles are removed, simply ligated and divided the vessels of the vas deferens, this practice is used less orchiectomy. This method can be reversible although it is not advisable to back.

Chemical castration

Currently there are medications that can get veterinary practice after the 'sterilization of the animal', just what they do is that they utterly destroy the synthesis of testosterone. Furthermore, this process is reversible, if we want the animal back to having all their faculties to 100% only treatment should be discontinued, it is much better than an intervention, however small.

But, if sterilization fails?

Surely the problem comes from poor education animal, can resort to canine behavior specialists to correct these 'defects' acquired very young. There are even still having animals spayed by whatever method, the problem persists, comes from above, specifically the head of what he has learned from very small or you have consented to do, in these cases it is best to professional therapy and reeducate the animal.