How to make a agility without spending much money

Dogs, like humans, need exercise, whether moderate or much more intense, this will depend on the breed and age of the animal. If we have space at home for very little money we can mount a small agility amateur home, there are websites where we can get the items for just 50 €, but you need not invest much money to have an agility in the garden the house with materials that everyone can ride it home ourselves with very little time and much better, with the help of our children.

A fun way to do exercise, the dog also works both physically and mentally, learn obedience, discipline and energy you burn that much spare

First of all we will see what the most common practices of this sport, these are some of the parties what the agility are: Slalom, Jump, Pass through the tunnel, Jump into the ring, The Rocker

For the slalom can use wooden pegs that can be drawn from any board we have at home or buy them from any hardware store, another option is to use mop sticks we have at home, no matter if they are broken. That if, careful not to cause any cut passing near post.

For the jump you can use chairs, bricks, or small sticks or simply endure the bar with a piece of string to the given height to make the jump.

For the tunnel, we can use three plastic rings coated with a plastic or cloth or an old sheet.

The Jump into the ring if we can hang in a tree form of two strings in v form and subject them or failing 2 high woods a tree branch with a rope at each end for hanging the hoop, we can also use 2 umbrellas we have in the garden as a support for hanging the hoop between them, also give us some shade, which appreciate when we are exercising our animals

For rocker with wide plank about 40 cm long by 2 meters and a bucket of about 50 cm in diameter and have a rocker, failing a simple mopping bucket or container of these round tight we have to save the dog food we can serve.

Try it, but before one advice, in order to establish a better tests indicate this by a role, but the principle is chaos.

You see as it is easy and economical to enjoy a little agility in the backyard with things that most of us have in the garage

Maybe it will not be a professional agility, or they may see evidence like this video but certainly we will be perfect for sports, educate the dog and have a good time with the children without leaving home. Or maybe tomorrow we can see our animal competing in a national test, the longest path always starts with the first step.