Water lettuce aquarium

Pistia stratiotes, a plague ... but pretty.

A few months ago I came from Madrid and set some fish had a couple of tiny cuttings of this floating plant for aquariums. Anyway, just a few months later you can already see how the aquarium is ... no more fit.

The conditions are hardly uncommon in this aquarium are 50% water and 50% of osmosis alkaline water tap, lighting tubes is 2 turn on 6-8 hours a day.

What I like about these plants is that they are an alternative as a pest to the duckweed, but now I have the two ... but its roots as a mop are the ideal hiding place for fry, shrimp and put some of species cyprinodontids my aquarium.

If you have opportunity Prove I'm having cuttings to other aquariums and seems to fit well.

It is therefore easy to plant and resultona floating aquarium.