How to make a homemade dog walker

If you're somebody who owns a dog with lots of energy you should probably know what it's like to walk the animal every day to burn their energy. Not the same have a pug or a yorkshire or have a staffy or German Shepherd  owners, a small breed dog often with short walks that do not last more than half an hour is sufficient daily exercise, while other races such as a american stanford are breeds that have lots of energy and need to burn that energy every day.

Nor is it to live in the same apartment of 70 meters or to have a garden of 70 meters where the animal can run and play to their hearts and spend energy.

For these first who live in small apartments and we have a dog we know there are days you do not feel like going out to exercise with the dog, some days it comes right down to the animal after work and take a little walk 20 minutes for the animal to stretch and do his neeeds, but the animal must do exercise and burn that much energy to spare.

This solution is a good home for the animal and for us is a walker, so we have 2 options, toil away 400 on a treadmill or manufacture it ourselves

With this video we can see that with very little financial investment we will be able to have a home walker for our pet to exercise and burn that energy have left barely leave the house, plus we can save anywhere in the storeroom is a corner of our small terrace or balcony.

But what we need to make a homemade dog walker?

A pair of round wooden sticks, these are used for the fencing can serve.

A pair of metal rods

Wood strips

5 meters of carpeting, or alternatively can take an old rug, a piece of canvas, or bath mats type yes (a few to go butting one after the other), can also serve an old blanket on the animal itself

A few wooden slats

A drill and a few screws

The idea is simple, at one end and another of what will be the treadmill go round sticks held by each center by a metal rod, and each end of the rod goes into the main frame or support.

Between 2 round winding sticks that will be the focus for our tape will move the piece of carpet or rug canvas

Once we have the frame built we can add some front brackets for a given time to add some much slope and exercise our animal.

Best of all, with just 15 minutes of exercise the animal will be quiet at home as if it came from an afternoon stroll and play in the mountains.

With an investment about 50 € and a little time we can make this simple home walker for our pet .