Changes of water in aquariums

A few years ago did not spend any antichlor for my tanks, just filled a bucket with tap water and while I was standing on a swing made her a tube to the aquarium .... if you really had only tap water chlorine is not too dangerous, chlorine reacts quickly and also eliminates or urns in my tanks there is always a thin layer of silt on the bottom with chlorine makes "sparkler" and removes it.

But I tell you what happened, one breeding season had many fry Aphanius mento and in one of these water changes all died for no reason, as it had been doing so long ago. It was then that I learned that tap water has chlorine and chloramines, besides many other things more.

Many products only treat chlorine and must also address other things that may be in the water, without a doubt I say that the best product is Prime Seachem, along with 2 drops per liter will more than enough to treat many liters, many more than with other products that have the lowest cost of the bottle, but that only treat 200 liters of water.

Here I leave a link where you can see prices and features, Naturebrain recommended Ibercan.net





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