Some lies about dog breeding

Dog breeding, as breeding animals for sale, if a professional does not have to be bad looked, professional breeders engaged in this world are often people well prepared and devoted entirely to the care of their dogs, are people who live by and for their animals is in immaculate condition, with their care (documentation, vaccination, chips, insurance (if they are classified as potentially hazardous PPP) dogs) ... we all need a good landlord must follow when owning a dog.

Intrusion into the field of professional dog breeding

What many industry professionals complain that there is intrusion, exploiting people who think that having a female each year and match it and sell the puppies at an affordable price will be drawn to the benefit paid for a good holiday summer, change the vehicle .... These are the ones to be persecuted, and people should not go to them ever.

Since a few years ago and with the arrival of the crisis this has been increasing, we just open the browser and search cubs .... thousands of search results appear where 99% of individuals are selling . Very few professionals in this sector if any are advertised on such sites.

I tell some anecdotes and aberrations that I found regarding breeding dogs throughout my extensive experience.

'Pirates' with a certain pedigree animals have come to buy puppies of the same breed and sell them as children of their own pedigree animals to increase and to even be able to double and triple the price. They have sold dozens of puppies in a few months taking advantage of the pedigree of the alleged mother or father

Match 2 and up to 3 times per year a bitch to get an economic benefit from the sale of puppies.

Selling puppies as pure mestizos small animals ...

I have a male staffy, a coworker was in love with my pet and wanted a copy of the same race, before purchasing a site of these buy-sell Web, I asked for advice, all who accompanied him to a first visit to the course breeder, the breeder lived in an apartment just 60 meters with litter enclosed in a balcony with the mother who had all but staffy, I told him not mad acquired a puppy this scoundrel, in the second visit made my partner the breeder (which I went to go) the 'pirate' had already changed salon furniture and sofa.

Why buy the animal from a professional breeder?

First, each with their money does what he pleases, or in my case left me before getting a dog can go through a kennel where we will be able to adopt an animal that really is much more needy than a copy of thousand, both are going to give all her love for nothing.

Not the pirate who has placed the ad in a web of sale selling puppies at a very affordable price, that pirate once I have the money in your pocket is to shirk the animal, while a professional who is dedicated to this tomorrow will always be interested in the status of the dog.

A professional who is engaged in farming will always declare that benefit obtained either by selling puppies or awards, meanwhile, will always be 100% legal and will advise on the choice, the pirate shift will only want to see the money and forget about eachother until the next litter.

A professional can depending on your personality and experience decides not to sell the dog, while the operator pirate if you get 2 better than one.

A professional always consult though we live hundreds or thousands of miles. While the pirate ad 'if you've seen I do not remember'.