All about dogs and babies

You have a dog and expecting a baby?
Do not you know you're going to do with the dog?
Are you thinking about getting rid of the dog? Do not know if I give it away or take it to a kennel?

If you are someone who has continued to read, here are some tips that may help:

Before the baby is born:
Feel lucky, you'll enjoy while the 2 beings appreciate more in life
Prepare your dog before. The best way will be to take advantage of the habits of the dog and its smell
Prepare used baby clothes, and the smell will go dog used to the new smells, a pair of used diapers baby will help
Since being pregnant let your dog smell the clothes to wear your baby, crib, baby toys.
Make it clear from the outset what is animal and what is going to be the baby, we will not let the dog go to your crib, or that is in the room the baby alone, always accompanied by a responsible, it will be difficult because dogs curiosity itches but order and discipline can be achieved without problems.

After the baby is born:
Before leaving the hospital you must show the dog smell the baby will soon be your best friend, take clothes, diapers or clothing of the mother and baby to not turning away the odor smell baby to the mother also.

The entry at home, may have been a couple of days without the dog has seen the mother, she should first access the house mother, alone, without the baby to greet the dog. Once the dog is calmer, after 30 minutes is a good time to introduce our dog the new family menber.

Inside the home, presenting the baby, let the dog sniff the baby and scoot under any circumstances let him suck the dog, or climb over the baby. This is recommended to help other people

Exits to the street dog, we must accustom to normal that we will take with our future baby, walks the baby will be along with the dog, drawing out the baby with either the car ride or the typical fanny porta babies. The dog will want to interact with the baby, always with great caution and never losing sight of the dog

Share the love equally with the baby with the dog, dog jealousy prevent the baby.

The animal will want to be at all times near the baby, we should not ban it, but we need to educate the dog and put a limit which must not exceed, in any way punish the animal that may have licked the hands of the baby, yes you give clear orders with nO or BAD, indicating that it is not doing the right thing.

Away from home:
In the car, the chair will be before the baby and the dog securely tied and anchored in trasela hand, never go loose, short the trip is, when entering and exiting the car always drinks first and last the dog, as we have taught to enter or exit the elevator or to enter and leave.

Pay special attention to the dog away where there are factors that can affect the behavior of the dog (the other dogs, potential hazardous objects)

Conclusion: Prevention, calm, normal, education, discipline and good behavior are the keys when our dog get used to the arrival of a baby.