Growing Vinegar worms Culture

Sometimes I wonder if our task is keeping fish or bugs of the rarest ones....

We recently started a crop of one of the live food for fry easier to get the vinegar worms.

I will not dwell much on specifically give information to a culture so extremely easy.

First we contacted a fellow hobby to send us a mail initial strains, thank Jesus.

No matter what emails later, no matter what it takes you to open the package, follow the worms alive and well, it's awesome.

Now make a mixture, 50% water, 50% apple cider vinegar and some sugar .... and add worms to the first crop.

I used a plastic water bottle in which we replaced the plastic cap for a little gurnard, airy and will remain so that man may avoid unwanted in culture.

Within one week we will use these strains as food, need a cup and a coffee filter.

We filter worms and pour the liquid back to the culture to continue playing.

We rinse the filter under the tap and we can put these "Anguillula acetiglutinis" our fish.

.- No problems, by temperature ...

.- dark, I think they are a little photophobics....

. Do not worry by feeding them ....

If you forget you a couple of years ... will follow them into the container where have ceased.