What fish I can put together with my shrimp?


This is a common question for anyone who has a shrimp tank, What are the species of fish I can place together with my shrimp? The answers like always white or always black are not correct, the question is to find a balanced equilibrium, because things are either black or white.

Advantages of keeping fish with prawns:

. - Our aquarium will be much more beautiful, diverse and entertaining.

. - Certain animals called leaches will be exterminated by our fish.

Disadvantages of keeping fish with prawns:

. - The fish can eat the shrimp.

For those you want venturing into this experience, fully advised by naturebrain you count our experience with some species that do not have any problem, not just to keep the prawns with them, but also to reproduce without any kind of mishap. What it is advisable to provide shelter to the shrimp moss type, where they can get and be quiet.

List of fish you can keep together with cherry shrimp and others:

. - Endler, Poecilia wingley. Because of their size and their behavior you can maintain without problem, in fact many people use males to control pests of leaches.

. - Japanese Medaka, Oryzias latipes. These fish are the most peaceful in the world, now, is that hairs or smell them to shrimps ..

. - Mosquito Fish, Heterandria formosa. It is one of the nine smaller fish in the world, do not confuse with other fish commonly called "Mosquito fish", the gambussia, these last ones will eat up stones if you place into your tanks.

. - Pygmy Corydoras, Corydoras pigmaeus. They are very nice and very small, with just 4 cm in size are 100% adult comaptibles with our shrimp, we the keep them together with blue pearl shrimps

. - Pleco Borneo, Pseudogastromyzon myersi. This not worry, because it feeds on other things.

. - Rasboras. These are the queens of nano aquariums, for its size no worries, can eat some zoea, but you usually will not eat or planarians.

. - Ancistrus sp. You shouldn't worry, they will not eat the shrimp, just some dead or dumb.

Now comes an important part of this article. Those species are NOT compatible with Shrimps:

These are some of the species that will eat inmediatly prawns and become a good seafood: bettas, cichlids, killifish, discus... all these your love prawns!

Hello everyone now and share the information, thanks.