What substrate used to raise grindal

When you start using grindal as live food is very rare and difficult to leave it.

It really is a food source for our fish and important invertebrates, with the main advantage of its low cost of production.

We just keep the soil moist and put the cat kibble cheaper, they are not delicate.

There really important when using a substrate to grow grindal dilemma. As substrate we use?

There are several options to choose from, always thinking of his collection, but this has never been a problem for us.

One of the rarest options that have been known to cultivate sponge really does not seem the best ....

There are two "normal" options to grow grindal, coconut fiber and peat.

Mainly, though I see the picture I prefer peat coconut fiber. When we dip a brick of coconut fiber is perfectly soft and ready to breed grindal big. Besides its low price and small storage space are a big plus, not occupy more than a brick. Coconut fiber can take in on the www.telegrow.com

The peat, although I have used for a long time requires a lot of storage space and also seem to spoil faster than coir.

The peat you can find it for example in Verdecora stores.