Muzzles for dogs

Sure a lot you think that the only ones who should be muzzled dogs are classified as potentially hazardous, but not, dogs that spend a certain weight must also take even if they are not on the list of potentially dangerous.

I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staffy and as you know has been classified as dangerous, so I bought a muzzle, but I had to race, so I bought the canvas, there are typical across to veterinarian. But as he has the short, wide muzzle, it bothers you because you can not even breathe properly, so that it is easier to give you a heat stroke, the other is rubbing representing them, will think that it is silly but to wear it with the muzzle he began to do as a gall on the part of the muzzle where the muzzle end, but when I spent a few days that Gall became a rather large lump. I did? Well, I first make sure that it had produced the muzzle, and then decided to take a time without him, because he had made a huge wound which he oozed. The way to cure it was, clean the wound with gauze and water, and then put Betadine and Panolog, daily morning repeated the operation, and when he dropped the crust I put Terramycin. I managed to cure him and now have to wait if you hair grows in that area, for now it seems so.

I bought him a muzzle as the photo, it looks more comfortable for him to be more padding and I do not think that the same thing happens again.

And with that I hope you think that not all dogs are the same and that every animal needs special products depending on their race.