Colorful fish

The aphanius genre is one of the more thankful that we can find, tolerate extremely wide temperature range and like alkaline and brackish waters in some cases, but not always necessary.

In Spain we have a protected species, the Aphanius iberus, a flagship species in Valencia, the Valencian people unfortunately can only see them in photo.

They are Old World species, can be found spread across the continent. These fish family of Cyprinodonts are quite a curiosity.

Then I put a list of species described to date Aphanius genus, to go out enjoying his uncle in the google search for pictures of some awesome fish:

Gender Aphanius

    Aphanius anatoliae (Leidenfrost, 1912)
Aphanius apodus (Gervais, 1853)
Aphanius asquamatus (Sözer, 1942)
Aphanius baeticus (Doadrio, Carmona and Fernandez-Delgado, 2002)
Aphanius burdurensis (Ermin, 1946)
Aphanius chantrei (Gaillard, 1895)
Aphanius danfordii (Boulenger, 1890)
Aphanius desioi (Gianferrari, 1933)
Aphanius dispar dispar (Rüppell, 1829)
Aphanius dispar richardsoni (Boulenger, 1907)
Aphanius fasciatus (Valenciennes, 1821)
Aphanius ginaonis (Holly, 1929)
Aphanius iberus (Valenciennes, 1846)
Aphanius isfahanensis (Hrbek, Keivany and Coad, 2006). Not listed in FishBase.4
Aphanius tion (Heckel, 1843)
Aphanius opavensis (Gaudant, 2006). Not listed in FishBase.5
Aphanius punctatus (Heckel, 1847)
Aphanius saourensis (Blanco, Hrbek and Doadrio, 2006). Not listed in FishBase.6
Aphanius sirhani (Villwock, Scholl and Krupp, 1983)
Aphanius sophiae (Heckel, 1847)
Aphanius sureyanus (Neu, 1937)
Aphanius villwocki (Hrbek and Wildekamp, 2003)
Aphanius vladykovi (Coad, 1988)

Some of these species have been collections in their natural habitat and described by renowned Spanish scientists, who should be grateful that we can enjoy many times, but it is also true that they too have enjoyed doing his thing.

The reproduction of these fish is very simple, very resistant eggs placed in the vegetation that hatch after about 15 days or so depending on temperatures.

We hope this short article serves as an introduction and awaken your interest in this small killifish, which increasingly is filling the tanks of fans around the world, they are of a very high beauty and very simple maintenance and reproduction.

Here you have some very nice photos of specimens in google you have many more ...