Wading birds

Sure, when you saw the title of the article the first thing I came to mind were the flamingos, seagulls, maybe others have agreed heron or crane and I am sure that very few of you have thought of any more. Well there are many species of waders, waders because they are told it is very simple type of legs they have, which are very long and thin, there are some that besides having long legs also have what is the plant the long leg with them can walk on water; also have long necks to bend down to eat. Besides that often have very wide or long beak compared with other birds, and this allows them to catch their prey. To all that I have said you can also add the fact that they really are quite different from each other, especially as flying, feather types, habitat.

What I will say in this article is a list of several wading birds, of which I'll talk later and thus will see the differences between them. That said let's put some names.

Heron, egret, bittern, black or white storks, spoonbills, marabou, Shoebill, jabiru, ibis, flamingos: Chilean, Andean, james, boy or dwarf common.

Well I hope I have created an interest in the birds and the next articles that you read about them.