Shrimp Hatchery Aquarium

Shrimps are an authentic colors and original way to go through the aquarium hobby of enjoying as a child.

We have many colors as colors you can think and color ranges , so imagine if you begin to interest you in red, yellow , green, blue ... the amount of space that you require for these small shrimp.

There is an important premise and the need to keep the colors separate from each other to keep . If we mix red shrimps and green shrimps in just a couple of generations may not have neither red nor green prawns, shrimps only transparent ...

Like the fish room was invented , the killiroom now we invent shrimproom , a room in a house full of aquariums to raise shrimp colors.

What will we need?

Although shrimp can be kept in aquariums or so-called mini gambarios not normally reach 10 liters , if we do well we have aquariums about 30 liters, this ability can raise shrimp for all varieties of prawns to " Buba " in the movie Forrest Gump.

Well, aquarium 30 liters , that is the base, and second need is filtration .

Shrimp are sensitive to overload elements in the aquarium , nitrates type , nitrites, metal ... etc . , So periodic water changes are very important, much more than the filter. For us, the best option is to filter the water oxygenated air moved by a compressor for several aquariums , such as that offered in www.telegrow.com the Hailea model is that we use to move about 10 aquariums with each compressor air .

Plants are one of the key elements , some java moss , foxtail or other will be more than enough for the prawns are comfortable and can see them in all their glory . In any almost , when we have 30 shrimp colony , totally lose shame and 'll eat heaps.

No talk of heating, because indoors , they are not going to need , whenever we think of prawns Neocaridina family, not others.

Hope you try with a few colours , and some aquarium endler fish to share with shrimps and keep our free planarians aquariums.