Facilities for breeding livebearers

Every time we engage more fish ... is not hard to start with a small 20 liter aquarium for kids and finish the house full of aquariums, or what is still "better" a room for us and our tanks , one drums for our endler breeding and others.

When we have many aquariums should save, this well have filters and heaters for each aquarium, but when they are over 20 the electricity bill begins to resent and looks at home when the receipt of the power company arrives are deeper and bolder brow ...

It is important to aquariums, it spends little ... for example if some aquariums dedicated to the breeding and selection of colors endler may use about 20 liters aquariums smoothly even accompany freshwater prawn , prawns and cherry or green chekia , which are very nice .

Referring to the issue of filtration is best to use a quality compressor like Hailea www.telegrow.com we can buy and connect multiple sponge filters or corner to aerate and filter the water.

With a minimum intake filtration we can provide about 10 aquariums.

Referring to the temperature inside the house if no low temperature of about 15 degrees in the extreme case no need , it is important to let the fish go through a time of rest and this will make the spring comes with more joy and females and males are in pristine condition played after a period of rest.

We hope you enjoy it and you get excellent facilities dedicated to breeding livebearers.