Goblin shark, habitat and morphology

goblin shark

The Mitsukurina owstoni or commonly known as goblin shark is a shark species that is restricted to deep water, why is so little known . They are distributed by the Western Indian Ocean, western Pacific Ocean from Australia to Japan , and eastern and western Atlantic Ocean. You can also find some specimens in America.

This shark is very rare for its morphology, as it has a great nose extension makes , plus something that makes it even more special is his jaw which can move freely, this means moving forward when you open the mouth to attack. This shark is the only one left of his species alive , tube two who are already extinct , the nose of the sword ( scapanorhynchus ) and anomotodon .

Their jaws besides being free-moving , are long and narrow , and although outwardly projecting is always aligned with the profile of the head. Its length ranges from 2 to 3.8 meters, and can weigh about 700 kg . They have the elongated and laterally compressed body . They are usually white with various shades of pink on the trunk and bluish in the wings , but when the specimens are removed from the water usually become more brownish .

They usually feed on crustaceans, cephalopods and fish, which are not difficult because in his nose have some electro sensitive receptors.