Staffordshire Bull Terrier


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staffy, is a cross between the bulldog and English terrier breeds, originated in Staffordshire (England), with more than 200 years. Since its start was associated with fighting them against bulls and bears or other dogs.



Size of about 13-19 kg, height at withers 35 to 40 cm

Short hair and smooth attached to the body

Very muscular and compact

Ears rose shaped or half erect

The firm lips and mouth with clean, strong jaws with jaw closure perfect scissor

Short and muscled neck widening towards shoulders

Forelegs straight and shoulders back

Hindquarters well muscled

Head broad, short snout and pronounced cheekbones

Colours, black, white, red, brindle, or any combination of these




They are very stable, with great courage, bravery and tenacity (rarely give up for a challenge), love kids (dogs are also called nanny dogs), are very resistant to pain, love the fun , are very active, athletic, very good guards with absolute devotion to those he protects.


Care and attention

Dogs are very adaptable, both urban and country living, if it is true that require more exercise than other breeds such as beagle, French bulldog, passive owners are not recommended for these bread, can live comfortably in a garden or on a small house but will be happier if they have space to play and run.

This breed is very resistant to diseases, this does not mean that they will not be sick, and among the most common diseases are cataracts, kidney stones and hip dysplasia.

Due to its great flexibility, robustness and front are incredible dogs for agility competitions and beauty shows.


Considerations to consider before buying a Staffy

They need exercise, being a very active breed needs at least an hour of exercise every day, not recommended for a passive owner (to do better a French bulldog or a yorkshire), even play and exercise will not give you bad, all otherwise.

In Spain this breed is listed as 'potentially dangerous dog', so they must have a special permit in addition to a compulsory insurance and no criminal record.

Many people have a false impression of the breed, because of its power and appearance. In my opinion there is not any dangerous dog, what's behind a bad owner, with care and good training from puppies not have problems.

Here I leave a video in case anyone thinks otherwise 


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