Glaucus atlanticus, animal very poisonous

Glaucus atlanticus

The glaucus atlanticus is a type of sea slug , is the only of the glaucus genre.

This slug is pelagic , and is distributed over all the seas , if they have temperate or tropical waters. Its size is usually between 3 and 4 cm. long. On the sides are silvery blue in the center and a paler blue, with black or dark blue stripes on both feet and in the center of your body , dorsally with a completely silver, along its body which would leave six feet or arms which end in the form of tentacles. Their teeth are like swords.

With a bag of gas you have in your stomach get float in the sea , because they are located where does it float face up.

This very funny animal that when you see you think we have invented James Cameron for Avatar, despite being small is very poisonous , and this is because it feeds on jellyfish or Portuguese man , as there will affects their venom , and when you save it feeds inside the venom of these " jellyfish " , which makes it so that you can select is poisonous nematocysts inside there to defend themselves, they keep this poison in their intestines when they notice an enemy with one of its tentacles makes this eject the poison. You can tell that produce their own poison and picking what more damage can be done.