The thorny devil, habitat and physical characteristics

thorny Devil

The thorny devil , also called Moloch , horrid or moloc Australian thorny devil , is the only thing of its kind . As we see the photos can see how weird it is .

This lizard is about 20 cm long and as you see seem to have the whole body covered with spikes, and although it seems really dangerous is harmless , unless they attack him tucking his head between her legs so that shows a fake head with horns / skewers that have, make these skewers can not swallow . They move very slowly and may even get to stay in a frozen state in the position that they are for hours so that may be confused with the rest of the site .

Usually sandy color with various shades of brown and tan , although they can perfectly blend these colors will depend on the habitat in which they are , as they adapt to it. In the warmer seasons they can have a very pale color that gets darker as you begin colder seasons .

Feeding of various types of ants which catch using the tongue . They usually put 3 to 10 eggs, which can take 3 to 4 months. These lizards have a life expectancy of 20 years.

They live in desert locations, semi-desert , land with little vegetation of much of Australia .