Aphanius saourensis extinct in the wild

Photo: www.mediterranea.org 

Today I have received this news to the ears, which is quite sad, in the end a verification of an impending event.

In 2006, it was described this pretty Aphanius species (White et al., 2006), I can attest that it is a beautiful species, something really amazing and now charges a sense really justified.

This species was found in Mazzer, where a small population was last seen in 2004.

The poor state of their habitat and the presence of invasive species such as Gambusia have led this species to the disappearance of their natural habitat.

A group of German aficonados conducts an attempt to keep the species alive, but the destruction of their habitat is the worst that can happen.

What will happen now? Who is responsible for this sensitive project? How many species can fall back and aquariums aquarium enthusiasts?

Here I leave the original source.