Spawning site for annual killies

Annual killies are great fun , everything goes very fast ... less waiting for the eggs to hatch eclosionarlos .

We speak of species of the genus Nothobranchius and Austrolebias among many others ...

The breeding method is to put a small container of peat or coconut fiber inside the aquarium for couples to lay their eggs there .

Then we remove the eggs and leave them in a bag at temperatures higher than 20 º C or better and a little more depending on the time of diapause need the kind that we have managed to reproduce proceed to re-wet the eggs to hatch the fry.

Often used as a substrate for fibrous peat , but there are some small bricks of coconut fiber in online stores can we get them through www.telegrow.com and used for many chores ... which will be discussed in other articles .

They have a very affordable price and use little space is something ideal, break a piece of brick and dip it in water, the next day we set for substrate annual killies enough to stop a truck.



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