Accustom our dog...

Accustom him to get on the couch, for that is very mono the Sofa but is for us, a queer dog we can find from 25 €, a sofa is worth over 600 €.

Urinating and defecating in places not allowed, if we take our pet to the park must make their needs always at the park, not on the way home from the park.

Food, the dog must always eat after us, that must always be the order, we first and he ever after and always with our permission, the dog should never eat until you are not ordered.

Enter and exit points, the dog should always be behind us, never before us, to enter and exit the elevator always last.

Hygiene, always will wash at the same time and if it can be on weekends, from very small to get used, washing every 2-3 months is sufficient.

Toys, toys always give you when you are quiet, never when excited.

Socialize , from puppyhood , our animal should interact with others of their species, with other people and with other animals since a puppy , not for being a puppy must protect and to have no contact with others until an adult, if not we will most likely purchase the dog aggressive behavior or be afraid to relate with others of their kind.