Guppys homemade brooder with a plastic bottle.

The Guppy is a species aquarium 's most famous and prolific world hot water. There are also many different colors , all beautiful, which is why we decided to make some breeding tanks with guppies and Reds Yellows, for now ...

To prevent hatchlings are eaten by larger fish to use the famous brooders for viviparous , where the young fall and go to a different compartment of the mother is to avoid eat their young.

With a plastic bottle or carafe is easy to do this yourself , you only need to cut the bottle and put the top inward , as if making a funnel , this is the interior of the mother, the bottom is where they will stop the offspring.

To float the bottle will not clean marbles or stones inside and practice holes around the bottle with a hot needle .

Finally you only need 2 things , a piece of mesh with holes where the offspring but not fall through the mother , and most importantly, a female guppy pregnant with good fat and full of fry color belly.