grizzly Bear

This bear is a subspecies of brown bear that almost all know , is the fact that is larger , and are the third largest carnivorous animal that lives in America.

These bears are be brown can reach a height of 1.5 meters when they go on their four legs , but when you stand on the two rear , can measure up to 2.5 meters , in said legs have very strong muscles, so they can rise above them. They can reach 550 kg . weight , although in some areas such as Alaska have been heavier . They can reach speeds up to 55 km / h . These bears are different from others because they have a longer claws and also because they grow back in some sharp silvery hairs .

They are very competitive, territorial and aggressive . Often face other types of bear, when they have to get food in fact have a large muscle on his back, which he looks like a hump , but serves to make tackles when they drag large prey . Something that these bears do though due to its large size it does not seem to possess is climbing trees.

Often live in Alaska and Canada in greater numbers, but also found in parts of Mexico , and has found one in Siberia , formerly in Europe also had enough, but because of indiscriminate hunting no longer found , were only can be seen in captivity.