Are within the hyena term several types in which we then will enter , they are carnivorous mammals which has included them in the suborder of the felines , but also have lots of canids (dogs ) , as the latter have large feet and sturdy, catch their prey with their teeth , not climb trees because their nails do not retract and serves them to dig, but like his toilet felines , how to mate and mark territory equals .

As in the movie Lion King Disney describes them , are said to be cowardly scavengers and stealing prey hunted by others , whereas the spotted hyena is known to sometimes hunt itself , and arriving to scare away lions and leopards of their dead prey , their bite is the strongest of all mammals .

Are present in Africa and Asia, although they were first given in the first Eurasian hyenas were divided into two groups: light and more like dogs , and the most robust and known as bone crusher . In the first branch has only survived the so-called Wolf earth instead of bone grinders are spotted, striped and brown .

It is known that the hyenas are nocturnal animals and not very sociable , but live in packs to hunt and gather , sociability exception is the spotted hyena shown very sociable , even in Africa to have her pet. Your mode of communication is as everyone figured since I saw that movie, looks like a witch or bad , lousy laughing , that's their bark or howl.



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