Animals with more powerful bite

Many of you will think like me that the animal with the strongest bite is the white shark , the truth is that you are not very misguided , if the test would have made out of water, but as it has not been well and rest of which I will mention below if you can not be number 1 ranking . If we lived in prehistoric times would lead this ranking is T. rex , but as we now will give you a short list of the most powerful .

The first thing you must know is that the bite is measured by kilos pressure per square inch that can exercise her jaw with animals and know which is the most powerful .

As I said this I will say that the animal harder jaw is the Nile crocodile with an impressive 357 kg / cm ², then it would be white shark with 290 kg / cm ² , followed as another alligator this time the salt water 260 kg / cm ², and behind another family the American alligator with 152 kg / cm ² , here that we could call the cat with the strongest bite the jaguar with 143 kg / cm ², then we would continue with the hippo with a big mouth and impressive 130 kg / cm ², and now comes one who is supposed to descend the gorilla with 93 kg / cm ² , then we have the brown bear cute but has a bite of 86 kg / cm ², and here comes a predecessor dogs but is listed as feline spotted hyena with about 78 kg / cm ² with which they can crush whether ornot bones, imagine you will do the rest , continue with another feline the cute tiger but we manage 75 kg / cm ², then we have the king of the jungle that has such an awesome bite their presence but we still hurt are 40 kg / cm ², and here comes the less powerful bite can be mammalian ours which while walking we arrived at the not inconsiderable 10 kg / cm ² , I say that also vary the weight of the person .

Well I hope these animals that I have set here will serve to get an idea of bites , I did not put them all because it would never end .