What options do we have for a tank of cold water?

The truth is that when we think of a cold water aquarium just think of golden shiners. Nothing further. Besides, for aquaria an average size of 60 liters and are what we have at home, there are many other options that will enjoy better. No one will know if the aquarium is tropical or cold water, because you will not notice the difference.

Here we will give you a list of options that can be found in pet stores and aquarium hobbyists, often even in the shops are as warm water fish, the temperature range is much wider than the typical 25 ° C the tropical aquarium. 

Thinking about the temperature that we have at home during the year, never fall from about 8 ° C-10 ° C and never rise from about 35 º C 

Let's not forget the tents ... Although this article is dedicated to his multiples alternatives ... as Koi, a carp different, but for a giant indoor aquarium of 60 liters, so here we will focus on small fish and colourful.

Neon Chinese, Tanichthys albonubes, find a fish in any aquarium shop.



Cebrita, Danio rerio, is possible that some albino varieties and are less resistant veil, but her genetics is strong.


Panda Garra, Claw flavatra, the famous claw - rufa, which eat dead skin, they can live in almost any liquid.


Algae-Borneo, Beuafortia leveretti, the plecostomus Borneo for you like the catfish.


Aphanius mento, this killi truth is not a common name if you have not, you may be vulgarly called "The cynolebia of the poor." Almost any fish of the genus aphanius what we have without heating, anatoliae, mento, fariscus, iberus, ... There are many very, very nice, the fans can find between the killifish.


Austrolebias sudamericanas, these can be up the ice on the surface that they swim like that, we have many to choose from, including the most common is nigripinnis, and more widespread.


Ciprinodon, fish of this genre originating in Mexico and North America we can keep them with no problem, right size, do not eat their offspring ... will cost you a bit to find, but worth it. Look at google Cyprinodon eremus, Ciprinodon alvarezii ...


Viviparous real, Xenotoca goodeids eiseni type, unless we give them a lot of sugarcane, will withstand minimum temperatures of 5-10 ° C with no problem.


Oryzias latipes, Medakas, for many years brought them fluorescent, green and orange, do you remember? jellyfish genetic modifications they made to radiate and shine, poor things, forbade luckily also are quite nice and we can find them in white and orange.


Coydora Marmol, Corydoras paleatus , these fish are beautiful, from Argentina's best to keep a school of about 6 copies, corydoras really are cheaper than you can find in pet shops and also do not require heating.


Fish of paradise, Macropodus opercularis, only the name and you can imagine how beautiful they are, as well endure these waters.


The famous Barbos, Barbo Schuberti, Puntius semifasciolatus and rosy barb, Puntius chonchonius, although they have in store as tropical aquarium fish, really are not.


Heterandria formosa, one of the world's smallest fish, commonly called "Mosquito fish", not confudidlo with other fish that we can also keep the Gambussia affinis, and besides, you can also find other kinds Molly viviparous, Phalloceros caudimaculatus.

Generally there are many kinds killi fish that also will be well in our tanks, as the American Flag Fish, Jordanella floridae, really nice.


If you seem few species, there's more ... we also have prawns, crabs and snails ... but they will see them in another article, apuntaros to our newsletter to be informed.

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