The Rottweiler originated in ancient Rome , were the dogs used by the Roman armies to gather cattle. Later settled in Rottweil city that owes its name located in Germany, and since then was used for livestock care and defense of the master.

Today still used for the same function , although it has expanded its field as it may be to guide dogs , search , rescue , guard and police dogs .

The rottweiler have very good character , quiet, obedient, docile, strong , confident and eager to work, they are very protective of the family, so you have to introduce strangers slowly will not because like , because of its great strength must sociabilizarlos from small , but always said the aggressive behavior of these dogs is due to poor training or negligence by the owner.

Being big dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans disease elbows , it is also a very liable to catch the parvovirus although it is not race because, so we have to watch them either puppies , and also monitor their feeding that are given to obesity.

Have short , smooth coat , are black with brown on the chest , muzzle and top of the legs. Its measurement ranges from 61 to 68 cm. for males and from 56 to 66 cm . for females , the weight is about 50 kg . male and 40 kg . the female.