The kangaroo is a marsupial large , in fact larger there . Kangaroo is the common name used to refer to the larger species of the subfamily macropodinae and the smaller wallaby . Today we will discuss the three types of kangaroos that can be differentiated .

The Western Grey Kangaroo : the smaller and lies south of Western Australia near the coast , its mating season is year round , even in summer calve calves .

The eastern gray kangaroo : it is a medium size and the sighted as its range covers the eastern Australian area . Mates as the western gray.

The Red Kangaroo : the largest reaching up to 1.5 m . and even 85 kg . inhabit the arid and semi arid center of Australia . They mate when weather conditions appear favorable for breeding them .

They are herbivores and feed on grasses and roots. All are nocturnal and crepuscular , preferring to spend the day and eat quiet afternoon or evening , usually in groups usually do .

Have large hind legs, designed to move with big jumps, also have a long and muscular tail for balance , and a small head . His speed when moving in jumps is about 20-25 km / h , and can maintain a speed of about 40 km / h every 2 km, and reaching up to 70 km / h . to move more slowly due to the length of their feet they use their tail as a tripod to take steps forward.



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