The shrew is an insectivore mammal family soricids , its weight is between 10 and 15 gr. , And measure between 5 and 15 cm. , In its natural state can live 2 years in captivity and life expectancy increases to double 4 years. Their geographical distribution is North Africa , Central Europe and Western Europe. They often live in agricultural areas , forests, gardens, meadows , hedges . There are more than 20 genera of shrews , almost 300 different species within those 20 genera .

The shrew is very similar to a mouse, but with a pointed and elongated snout , which is covered with very thin sensitive whiskers called vibrissae , its tail is shorter as their legs. Most shrews are terrestrial , although some species are aquatic. The gray shrew is the most sociable of all species in the world , its color is reddish-brown on the back and yellowish gray or gray on the belly. Shrew displacement strange behavior called Caravan , which is displayed when making a move single file and a hand in the other queue is given . Although the shape of the Shrew is similar to the mouse have no relationship with him.

Although they are sometimes insectivorous feeding calves on small mammals, lizards or lizards. Animals are monogamous and may have several litters per year , both male and female care for the young.