eel shark

It is one of the oldest sharks out there , if not the oldest dwelling in the land , and takes it from 140 million years ago , in fact this shark has given him the nickname of fossil shark. It's kind of shark with a wide geographical distribution although they are not very common, usually found in the outer continental shelf and upper continental slope. Normally this species of shark is a lot of depth near the bottom, although in some areas have been found in depths less as near Japan who came to them to see between 50 and 200 meters.

These sharks are very characteristic in shape does not resemble any other shark but an eel as the name suggests , have an elongated body, can reach a length of up to 4 meters and its color is dark brown. The characteristic of this form of hunting shark is flexing his body and darting prey like a spear, also resembles as do snakes , both terrestrial and marine , as well as snakes have a large jaw with which they can swallow large prey , although they have a large jaw teeth are not, but are small as needles which prevent the prey from escaping when caught.

Because these sharks do not reproduce as much as others are considered endangered, as there are so many and can be reduced even if their populations are caught by accident , though his fishing that does not have great economic value .