Snakes present in Spain

Although a lot of you will think that in Spain snakes only ones there are the snake and the snake , not, there are a few more in fact a total of 13 and 5 of which are poisonous , then I will tell you the names of these and where you can find .

Started by poisonous :

Viper seoane : can be found on the Cantabrian coast of Spain .

Asp viper : found in the northeast Catalonia and Pyrenees.

Viper hocicuda : present throughout least in northern Spain .

False smooth snake or snake mantle : can be found in the Balearic Islands.

Montpellier snake bastard or Culebra : is present throughout Spain except in Galicia and the Cantabrian mountain range.

Now for the rest of the list these we are not poisonous but they can bite so just be careful that also hurts:

 Snake Hoodie

   Grass snake Natrix

   Ladder Snake

   Culebra piarist

   Horseshoe snake

 European smooth snake coronella Austrian

   Culebra lisa meridional coronella giriondica

   Culebra yellow verdi

Well now you know as you call snakes that can be found in our country, and where the poisonous , later I will speak more extensively about some of them.