Christmas is a time for family reunions, and when I say family also include our pet, what happens if a member decides to take his dog to a family reunion where there is another dog and still unknown? 

It is likely that a dispute arises between dogs, but this can be avoided by following this behaviour before they find for the first time indoors. 

The first law that we must follow is 'All dogs are known on the street, never indoors'. 

Before going to our dog to the house of a our familiar, it is essential that dogs are known in an open space 'in a neutral zone', even better if dogs do not know the place. The most ideal may be a one-hour ride where they can run, smell, play and know each other better, nothing to bring toys, only the dog and leash 

After they are known and will be home, very careful here, if you have a garden or terrace can be one hour before getting inside, always under the supervision of their owners. The dogs are very possessive in its territory, if there is already a dog in the house need a lot of attention to the dog playing at home (as they say in a football game) 

No toys or prizes, a toy can cause a fierce dispute between two dogs. 

At bedtime, always separated, if there is already dog at home watching the new dog to not go near the place where the other dog rests 

Give the food always separately, in separate locations, the two animals never eat the same dish at the same time ... Hide any source of food like garbage, the dish with nougat and Christmas marzipan... A new dog can look food there and for our neglect can lead to a fight between the two dogs. 

Special attention if they are of the same sex is more likely to be friction.


As noted starting a fight: 

The first thing is to know our dog, the initial symptoms of a fight usually are the back bristling, snarling, caution and ears pricked. 

If we know that your dog is angry the first thing to do is to separate it from other animal immediately, before the 'party' starts. 

If it is too late and the fight has begun what we have to do is:

How many people are to separate the dogs?

If the answer is a single owner. What you should to do is evaluate which dog is the strongest and go for it, never yell or hit him with the belt, that will alter more. Lift it by the hind legs to dominate and calm and wait for help. 

If the answer is the two owners, each owner must go for his animal and try to calm it. 

Once calm dogs, situate in separate locations and have them wait a while to calm down, try to re-join them in a neutral place, always supervised by the owners.


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