Wide Mouth Shark

The shark wide mouth also called boquiancho , is a kind of very unknown shark for people, even for scientists, mainly because this kind of shark was discovered in 1976 when he was one near Hawaii, and until 1983 not published scientific description. So as you can see we have much to discover in the vast ocean .

This shark is easily recognizable by its mouth which is very large , rounded, with a luminescent spots on the lower lip , which used to attract food, the teeth are very small and do not help at all , your body has a tapered shape , limp and with a blackish brown color. Females are usually larger than males measuring up to 5 meters , while males typically reach 4 feet in length. Ovivíparos are , what they mean to the young fertilized egg in the womb of the mother.

Being a relatively new species little is known about their behavior or feeding habitat , and in 30 years have been numbered 54 specimens in the world , the latter was found near Mexico . Whether they are dangerous to humans also can not say anything because you have to keep studying .

This is one of the demonstrations that gives the ocean, teach new species every so often , it's a way to continue taking care of him , because we know that no more new or extinct species may appear from the depths.