biter Sperm

This whale lived around 15 million years ago in the Miocene epoch , and its habitat is located in Japan, for the fossils that scientists have found .

This was the largest sperm whale that existed in his time getting to be between 10 to 12 meters, more than orcas, although it is far from some modern whales . Something very interesting to note that this whale difference is that much of the acutal had two rows of teeth , one in the upper jaw and one on the bottom , however today only have at the bottom , had a total of 44 teeth, which unlike the sharks could not replace as they only have one row in each jaw , that if the size of their teeth was awesome, they have been compared to the size of a rex tiranoraurio .

Anything else we can know through studies is moving in herds or groups of about 6 or 7 sperm whales , so if attacked defended themselves like a family. When hunting prey so they made a group, something reminiscent of the behavior of the current orcas. To hunt when they were in deep or turbid made use of echolocation , ie sonar thus visualized its prey , which had that now do not have is that their echolocation the could use like Shockwave, we will , as if it were a tiny pump but if loaded much energy against a large dam could not even kill her, and another thing that served them when hunting was his head which was very hard and could use like a ram .

This whale was the great opponent of megalodonte .