The Pristiformes or more known as sawfish , are recognizable by having an elongated serrated teeth in which they have nose . We can distinguish two kinds and those 7 species, although many people confuse sawfish have nothing to do with the saw shark , although it may seem, in fact sawfish is more related with stripes with sharks .

Sawfish may be found in tropical and subtropical areas like Africa , Australia and the Caribbean. They can live in both saltwater and freshwater, often change from one to another swimming through the rivers, bays and estuaries. Normally prefer freshwater and river mouths , and are always in shallow and muddy waters . Fish are not usually attack humans unless they are upset or frightened, fish are nocturnal habits , so they tend to hunt at night and sleep during the day .

Sawfish usually measure between 1.4 and 7 meters long, its color is usually gray or brown , except a variety that has olive green color. Most extraordinary is its snout has pores that cover that make electricity and sensitive to movement , even going to notice the beating of the dams are buried . To hunt down and it does so uses his snout with giving a hard blow with teeth that have squamous wounds in the dam so that it is easier to capture it , also uses its snout to dig shellfish or to fend off other predators.

They usually live between 25 and 30 years, and what makes these fish are in danger of extinction is not reproduced as large as other fish performance levels , so when there is overfishing repoble slope . Still a fish that takes the earth millions of years , it did not load up .