Dasipódidos or armadillo are very characteristic and recognizable by their dorsal shell , which is formed by juxtaposed plates , which are often generally oredenadas in transverse rows , having the very short legs and a very long tail. Many armadillo be wound into a ball , but not to the other shell which is composed of horn serves as protection shields .

Armadillos are nocturnal , so the rest day , and they're diggers . Ghouls are omnivores , which mean they feed on dead plants and animals are also insectivores.

Within dasipódidos three subfamilies include, nine species are still alive and many other extinct species.

The armadillo is hunted in many areas to use their shell , which has commercial value in other areas eat their flesh , which compares with the taste of pork , chicken or rabbit, and shell and tail eat roasting it and biting like pigskin , other sites offer healing properties and cook the shell and then crushed until it can be mixed with drinks, even say that blood is good . What is certain is that in some countries like Venezuela hunting these animals is legislated because they carry a lot of very harmful microorganisms as the cause of leprosy , among others. Today studies the armadillo to find drugs against certain diseases such as yellow fever are performed.