Pitbull, the dog murderer?

I suppose you 're wondering why that title , you'll understand right away , like the orca ranked as the killer whale, the pitbull can say that happened about the same , why? Very easy because many people who should not have had and bred for fighting, and no fame for everyone else.

I'll give the view from my point of view which I hope you are interested , since 12 years owned a wonderful pitbull named Thor, for me my best friend at the time, it was a wonderful , loving , noble dog , faithful, intelligent , always to case, in fact I can say that with my cousins who were 3 and 4 years old was a sweetheart, even when one of them with freshly cut ears , I would not have to have, they are caught and twisted , in fact they jumped the points, yet my dog all he did was mourn in any attempt time biting my cousin , which would have been normal because he was doing much damage, imagine that you cogieran a wound freshly stitched os the squirm until safe to untie the points that dabais a cake the child. Another thing that happened is when I take my people my other cousin played with him to ride a horse, and you did nothing , one day my older cousin came with her dog, a golden retriewer wonderful dogs , right? As for me , no, because one day very simple jealousy of his own but with my cousins played with him when they were alone with him playing a little bit him on the head, Thor changed by many dirty tricks that made him did nothing . Unfortunately we had to give it as my mother got cancer and having this disease have to be 100 % with the patient, but he knew where we would be fine and even in that case made .

So now I wonder why so afraid of this wonderful breed because so many laws to have these dogs, now I have a staffordshire bull terrier and when you have a child that will be wonderful , because it already is . Because this indiscriminate persecution , if you did not know in Malta if you go with one, and you judge the dog killed. I hope this will change your mind .