Alaskan malamute

The alaskan malamute is one of the oldest breeds of sled, is a native of the Arctic. It has been shown to have relationship with the Siberian husky . Dogs are very stout , impressive-looking , but not by appearance seem are very loyal and loving to their owners. They have a very thick, soft fur ranging from gray, and can also be white, black with white, brown or reddish sand. Very characteristic of these is that they have the shape of triangular ears .

The size of the females is between 55 to 60 cm and 30 to 35 kg , and the ideal height for males is about 63.5 cm and weigh between 35 and 45 kg , although there are examples that come to weigh more than 50 kg .

Dogs are outside, and if they are locked can even try to escape. They are very gentle and loving dogs , and very smart and obedient to their masters , as well as being very loyal also , if taught from puppies they will know and abide by any respect . They are also good working dogs, and being a race destined to work is good for them to encourage them with things like agility . Sometimes they can be very territorial with other animals, because of their instinct to herd , so to be socoabilizarlos from puppies , if you do not have any problems in that regard. There are guard dogs or defense and they are very friendly with humans.



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