I suppose many of you are waiting to speak to you as always entirely on this type of fish, the type of species that exist and where it is distributed , will speak to that but not as extensively as other times but today I will focus on something else. The first thing I will say is that there are a variety of the fish found in China and is highly regarded for the palate of man, yet still very mortal consumption, as it has a poison called tetrodotoxin . It is very difficult to catch as it tends to shallow coral reefs, making it impossible to launch a trawl , if throwing a kind of rope with small hooks and some bait , to make out and so catch them after a while pull the rope have if you 've been bitten by one , sometimes return empty handed sometimes not, for there is this fish so dear is also so expensive , another thing to know is that the fish take them alive until the auction where they are sold so put them in the cellar with water, but before their teeth and tear that can kill each other.

A Chefs get the license to prepare living like cooking , and get the license after 5 years of practice each day with fugu, as they call it , if you are not licensed they can not serve . They may take time to prepare more than one hour after always clean gloves , wash pass for 30 min . since the blood also contains poison, even the eyes of the fish are poisonous , and there is no antidote for that poison, failure cook and suffer the same in a few seconds your organs begin to fail and finally a total collapse.

There are still many deaths blowfish still having qualified people and the homeless is because looking at leftover food and trash some fish guts do not put them in a container to hand, to take her to burn because they are very poisonous.



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