The coyote is a carnivorous mammal of the dog family , and lives only in Central and North America, from Canada to Costa Rica .

His height is between 0.75 m and 1 m and weigh between 10 and 20 kg . , Can live up to 15 years . And usually found in places like meadows , marshes , mountain forests , urban areas, deserts , cultivated . They live in packs, but prefer to hunt alone or in pairs , especially if they are small dams , however if they are major prey hunt in packs . They are nocturnal animals , so when night comes it is normal , especially after sunset and at dawn , listening to his famous howling , to which each answer other coyotes.

They have a good sense of sight , so that the senses of smell and hearing have highly developed , whether to swim for a good hunt prey they do very well and smoothly. They are very clever animals, although against him are the fact that when they pursue tend to turn to see the distance between them which makes them lose advantage and they have a deep sleep, so they are somewhat vulnerable in burrows if approach them silently.

Even if you are not being carnivore meat in winter and autumn fruit can be fed without any problems and adapt easily when hunting different prey. Are monogamous animals, but does not mean the same pair last them throughout their lives .



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