Extinct marine animals

Well in this article as you can see in the title I'm not going to talk about a particular animal, actually I'm not going to talk about them much, just you mention some to you you an idea what kind of animal I mean and more forward and I will tell them to write article below.

First what you should know is that many of these supposedly extinct animals reappear and why? , You might be wondering , as we can say that we have some guilt , but not all. Reappear because warming and all that is happening right now on our planet, just happening natural disasters such as earthquakes , tsunamis , tidal waves, etc. . And that makes the tectonic plates of the earth suffer sudden shifts , altering the seabed and even current , in the same way that alters parts of the earth, as it has in all these millennia and occur at re- these changes , the habits of animals like to be where they moved or where their prey back again to the same places they moved changed.

Because these movements of tectonic plates in recent years the world has witnessed the meeting of great unknown and extinct cases such as the pygmy whale shark wide mouth or the giant squid, which had found some dead specimens , but a few years ago was able to film one in his habitat. He even starts talking about the big megalodon could exist, although the latter are still just speculation , it will come as with others.

Also another thing that we should consider is that almost three parts of our planet is water , and we have only explored 5 % full , so it's no wonder that whenever scientific expeditions are made to find new species .