Prehistoric animals live

Many would be thinking the title to see if they are going to be prehistoric and living, for if so, there are some animals, fish , insects, etc. . , Prehistoric who are still alive . And although you may not believe some take 400 million years on earth , do not think you mean they have 400 million years , but are so long , and some of them you will result known fact well known. I 'll name a few and see not everything is extinguished.

Let's start mixynos witch or fish , these are the longest lead on earth , a whopping 300 million years , but live in the sea and in very deep water just so we have not seen , but this certainly if silverfish or silverfish, takes 400 million years on earth , and I knew I had so much time , I usually have to call it as cortapichas by the end of its body, the NEXT is the eel and shark live for 140 million years in fact is the oldest shark , also comes another known sturgeon 200 million years on earth , but do not know which are them because they are in pelirgo extinction by fishing , another carrying 140 million years is the wahoo, and like sturgeon was also in danger of extinction, this is called giant insect and takes 120 million years is the stick insect island howe lord, was thought to be extinct but found a colony of 30 animals , and finally the alligator gar that takes 200 million years , it is very similar to a reptile.

There are some more but I'll let you find them yourselves, and look at what they are able to last for some species , yes us and then we are about to extinguish them all .



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