The weasel belongs to the species of mustelids and indeed is the smallest species, besides being carnivorous . They have a small, elongated body, besides being very flexible , his nose is small but somewhat elongated , the legs are quite short in relation to what are elongated , have very sharp claws and pretty hair . In fact if you look closely we can find them a resemblance to the Hurons , by the elongated shape .

Weasels are very common, and may occur many variations in size depending on where they live , the females are much smaller than males , being able to be 1.5 times smaller .

Weasels have a very extensive habitat , which leads them to live throughout Europe, except Ireland, Iceland and some islands of the Mediterranean, parts of Asia , North Africa, the northern half of North America . Can be found in many places as long as they prey abundance and high mountain or sea level, it can also be found in both natural sites and rural, have been seen many times near woodpiles , stone walls , in meadows, crops.

Although very peqeuñas are very efficient hunters coming to hunt prey with 5 or 10 times its size. They are very aggressive , so that makes it able to hunt any prey capture birds , destroy their nests, mice, moles , and are very good physically , so you can swim, dive , climb, run , crawl through any holes , making them much easier to have a much ma varied diet , reaching eat lizards , crustaceans , snakes .

This is an animal that could say it's tiny but powerful .