the megalodon

Today we will talk about a prehistoric sea animal. The megalodon , which means tooth long, the large size of the teeth of it is the farthest familiar with sharks , in fact we could say that the white shark is the most direct downward . Most data is know about him is thanks to fossilized teeth found with fossilized whale bones .

According to studies the megalodon lived more than fifteen million years ago , at the time of meocena and was the largest marine predator, or at least the larger ones. Size that scientists have a megalodon would be about 15 to 30 meters in length, could be measured as a jumbo , imagine how great it must be, its weight could be up to 80 tonnes. These giant sharks teeth and 6 had 246 rows of such teeth , so that if they fell one it replaced , these giants of the sea must have a good diet so came to eat from 900-1100 kg of food, their diet consisted of seals, sea lions , whales, the humpback whales above . The megalodon was much more violent than the current white shark , plus their big teeth even broke the bones of whales, came with his teeth bite to make 20 tons of pressure. Its color was dark on top and light on the bottom , so that could camouflage when hunting prey , standing beneath them lest they would see and attack them from there. They could lose a lot of depth and even if they were very large they could do it very quickly.

A year ago a scientific expedition was launched to try to find the megalodon , as cases of very strange attacks occurred , which said that they could not have been the work of a great balnco shark, although the expected images are not found , they were closer to knowing whether it actually exists or not. And why not, if other species have reappeared ....