The coatis are animals of the raccoon family , but with a different look. They have quite a body coat, and usually range from brown to black , and may even be red . Its body is robust , with medium legs which have a long nails when using climb trees , their ears are tiny and round , have a very long tail could almost be the same size as the rest of his body, and hallmark of this animal is its muzzle and nose are narrow and elongated , being a little more elongated nose.

Coatis size can vary between 40 and 140 inches depending on the species, its habitat is in South America from the United States to northeastern Uruguay . They are adapted to hot and temperate climates where there is a dense forest , the area of Arizona is an exception. They are omnivorous animals, but can also be fed fruits and insects.

The coatis are social animals and live in herds of 5 or 20 copies , normally consist of females and young , and when adult males are become lonely . Females can have between 2 and 6 pups remain in the nest for 6 weeks.

These graceful animals are generally closer to humans for food , but be careful because although they are still funny wild animals.



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