The Catfish


The catfish is a freshwater fish that usually inhabit the rivers of Europe, in fact the largest dwelling in them .

Physical characteristics

The catfish has an elongated body, which becomes more narrow towards the back of your body , have a rather large head in proportion to his body and is also flattened , besides having a big mouth . The colour of the catfish usually blackish blue, green or brown on the back, and a light color and heather on the sides, the belly is usually white with a reddish glow . This fish can grow up to 2.5 meters long and weigh over 100 kg .


Are fish that usually live in rivers that have shallow waters with little current , plus they also like the murky waters . Catfish is a fish which does not need much oxygen , so fairly well tolerated pollution of rivers and swamps. Not a fish native Spain but was introduced in 1974 and since then has gradually been introduced .


This species of fish is highly desired when fishing, especially given the large size of this fish and the fact that they do not leave easily trap . There are many Spanish communities in which there are laws for catching this fish , in Aragon and Catalonia, when one gets fish requires the sacrifice of this, because it is a non- native invasive species in the peninsula .



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