We've all seen the movie piranha, and she know what we are able to know or believe , the truth is there are many species of piranhas. Black Piranha and red are the most aggressive in the world and still not be able to devour a human in seconds as taught in the movie , it's only attack when they smell blood or no movement if they are not normal .

Another thing to consider is that although there are no piranhas believe we live with tribes living in areas of the Amazon river, in a documentary actually looked like washing clothes , and had piranhas in the water and not they did nothing. Clearly it is not always the case , there are breeders of Amazons to cross a river sometimes have to sacrifice an ox , to save the rest , because what if actually having the film is that the piranhas attack in group. We also know that small goldfish , lol , have a great sense of sight thanks to the arrangement of their eyes, also of smell and can detect the smell of blood in low concentrations of water , like a great ear is .

Piranha have very sharp teeth and large , there is a species which will measure up to 1 inch . , And are continually renewed. Just living is South America, the Amazon , usually in rivers and always forming large groups. It can be said that after the shark is the most feared piranha fish. Although there also ought to know that the false piranha, which are omnivorous .