sleepwalkers dogs

I guess you will think it's silly but it's not, believe it or not , no reason to think that and some are silly , as we dream . My dog is a staffordshire bull terrier and the truth that every time you have dreams would love to be inside his head to know what you are dreaming , if you only saw partiríais seems to have conversations with other dogs, but just trying to link to a dog , the truth is that it is not , sometimes making some strange movements are like I was running , I guess it's because you think you are going in the park and running , sometimes seems to bite something, be pineapples gets to bite into the park, hahaha. Although you do not believe in this regard are very similar to us as we have the same sleep stages , the difference is that as dogs no accidents occur because of sleepwalking no studies have been conducted on these sleep disorders, which in humans can cause serious accidents. But like we may even get up and walk or run, yet I have not seen mine do it but if it does and I labor. If it is true that as a puppy to dream more and more weird stuff now, I guess you'll have to do with age , I do not know when he grows up will have to see if it starts again with dreams. Now I leave a link to a great video of dogs dreaming , I hope you like it .